Fully-automatic washing machines under ₹25000

5 best fully-automatic washing machines under ₹25000 in India

Fed up of washing your clothes with hands and even then your stubborn stains still remain? Fed up with all the poorly washed damp clothes hanging around the house this winter? Are you a student or working professional that you don’t have time to wash your clothes? The only solution to all these problems is… […]

Washing machines for large family

The best washing machines for large families as of 2019

Growing up in a large family is beneficial in many aspects. You will always find some or the other one to stand behind you either when you are right or wrong. They praise you when you are right. They warn you when you are wrong. Being a member of a large family not only has […]

Fully-automatic washing machines under 20000

Best Washing Machines under ₹20000

The first thing that people usually notice when they see others is… dressing!! The dressing doesn’t only mean the style, pattern, and fitting of the clothes you wear. It’s more of how clean and perfect the clothes are. You might flaunt in a pair of branded shirts and jeans or a Kurti which costs you […]