Smart washers and dryers

Have Fun and Get Messy because Smart Washing Machines are here to take care of it!

The Best idea of getting lucky is having someone else do the laundry right?!! Feel lucky for yourself with Smart Washers and dryers. Smart washing machines are innovative Appliances that cleverly connects to your Wi-Fi and let you control the washing cycle from anywhere through your phone. How cool is that!!? Technology is making your […]

All You Need To Know About LG TwinWash!

As technology improves day by day, appliances we use also need an upgrade year by year or so. This is because of the new features and developments, an appliance you bought 5 years back might look outdated now. Even Washing machine technologies, features have improved to make your life easier. We often exhaust working at […]

7 Kg washing machines

How Many Clothes Are Going To Fit In A 7 Kg Washing Machine? No Idea? Here’s Your Answer

Washing machines, today, have become a necessity. They are no longer considered luxury appliances, meant especially for the rich. So much so that there are literal shops that allow customers to wash scores of clothes. This means that washing machines have become so commonplace that there are actual shops that cater to the masses in […]

Best heavy load washing machines for blankets

Get the Best Washing for Your Blankets with Heavy Load Washing Machines

Winter is knocking on our doors, and we need to bring out those blankets stacked away in our cupboards!  What a huge task it will be washing these blankets, and how will we get it done? Well, one of the best things that must have happened to us in the name of the technology is […]

Best Washing machines for 4 people

Which is the best washing machine for a 4-member family?

Introduction Choosing a washing machine is one of the toughest decisions to take. With so many options available in the market, one may easily get overwhelmed by the specifications. Buy one with lower load capacity, and you have to run it multiple times. Buy one with a higher load capacity than you require, and you […]

Fully-automatic washing machines

How Many Clothes One can Put in 8 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Washing machines of all shapes and sizes are available in the market, but you need to choose the right washing machine for you. You can decide on the most appropriate machine by keeping in mind certain factors like your household needs, price, size, drum capacity, etc. Further, you will also be required to decide whether […]

Fully-automatic washing machines for a family of 3

Best Fully-Automatic Washing-Machines For A 3-Member Family

Are you a working mother who has to finish the household chores, get your kid ready for school, and get to work on time? Or are you a housewife who has to get the house cleaned, get your kid ready, and see to it that your husband’s lunch is packed too? If you answered ‘YES’ […]