Best Washing machines for 4 people

Which is the best washing machine for a 4-member family?


Choosing a washing machine is one of the toughest decisions to take. With so many options available in the market, one may easily get overwhelmed by the specifications. Buy one with lower load capacity, and you have to run it multiple times. Buy one with a higher load capacity than you require, and you will waste precious water and power. As a fact, the majority of washing machine users buy washing machines without conducting proper research beforehand. Our specialists sifted through hundreds of washing machines before preparing the most comprehensive list containing the 4 best washing machines for a 4 member family.

The Parameters

While choosing the best washing machines for a family of 4, we laid special weightage to the following parameters, which are also the major benefits of a washing machine.

1. It saves water over traditional methods of washing clothes.

2. It saves power.

3. It requires less physical intervention.

4. It offers targeted wash programs like fine-wash, jeans-wash, silk-wash, etc.

5. It saves space.

6. The inbuilt dryer feature dries clothes without the hassle of squeezing manually.

7. It gives 24×7 access.

8. It saves time.

Let us now read about the 4 best washing machines which have satisfied our specialists’ stringent evaluation parameters.

IFB 7.5KG Front Loading WM with LED Display (ELITEWX7.5KG)

There’s a reason why this washing machine is on the top of our list. It’s part of IFB’s next-generation Ultra Plus range with an LCD screen. Multiple industry-first features make this machine one of the best in its category. For example, the Aqua Energie technology energizes the water coming into the system and ensures you get optimal washing with minimal detergent.

The Cradlewash System takes special care of soft fabric like silk sarees, satin, chiffon, etc. and regulates the water flow and wash cycle for retaining delicacy of soft clothes. The 3D Wash technology soaks clothes properly before starting the wash cycle. The Express Wash technology allows quick cleaning for all your sports and gym clothes.

It also incorporates multiple modern features like Crescent Moon Drum, Ball Valve Technology, Air Bubble Wash, and many others, to make sure you never regret the decision to invest money on this high-quality washing machine.

HAIER 8kg Semi-Automatic WM with Lint Collector (HTW80-1159)

Acting as a bridge between the conventional and the modern, this semi-automatic machine is designed to last long. The best feature of this machine is the Vortex Pulsator, which directs the water to flow in vortex motion, effectively cleaning the toughest stains. The Softfall technology ensures that the lid falls softly and doesn’t break easily.

Multiple other features like Double Clean technology, Spray, Anti Rat Mesh, Castors, and durable body/drum make this machine the most suitable for heavy as well as regular washing.

LG 8Kg Top Loading WM Smart Closing Door and Filter (T9077NEDLY)

If safety, durability, and efficiency are the chief buzzwords for you, then this machine has been crafted exclusively for you. The Smart Inverter Technology in this machine uses power optimally and reduces wastage. The waterproof motor lasts really long without corrosion.

Four pulsators (1 main and 3 mini) shoots vertical jet streams to mix clothes properly and give splendid results. With TurboDrum, Smart Filter, and Smart Diagnosis options, safety will never be an issue again.

SAMSUNG 8Kg Front Loading WM with Intensive Stain Removal and Quick Wash Technology (WW80J54E0BX)

Style and functionality get a new meaning with  this machine. Washing technologies like Quick Wash, Eco Bubble, Bubble Soak, and Hygiene Steam Technology take perfect care of clothes and provide an unparalleled cleaning experience. Its 20 wash programs are suitable for all kind of clothes.

Priced slightly higher than other similar washing machines in its category, the little price difference appears small when compared to the functionality and brand name of this machine.


Before buying a washing machine, try to visit at least 3 dealers for finding out which dealer is giving the best offers for buying a washing machine for a family of 4. You may also visit online stores to take price estimates and shop at the convenience of your home.

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