Smart washers and dryers

Have Fun and Get Messy because Smart Washing Machines are here to take care of it!

The Best idea of getting lucky is having someone else do the laundry right?!! Feel lucky for yourself with Smart Washers and dryers.

Smart washing machines are innovative Appliances that cleverly connects to your Wi-Fi and let you control the washing cycle from anywhere through your phone. How cool is that!!? Technology is making your home smarter. You never have to waste another Sunday doing laundry!

Download the respective brand’s Washer/dryer app on your phone, touch SMART CARE on your phone after initial setups. Touch SMART CARE again, then tap NEXT! Scan the codes on your washing and drying machine. Once the app scans the code successfully, make sure it matches with your washer/dryer and click OK. The respective brand app will show the status of your washer/ dryer regarding any notifications and relevant troubleshooting steps.

Want extra ease of laundry washing? Ever got texts from your Washer? Explore the advantages of having one!

Forgot to press START after loading your laundry? No worries just connect Wi-Fi with your washer and dryer, control from your smartphone. There are several apps for respective brand smart washers where you can access and know your washer and washing cycle.

Get notified when the washing cycle has ended. Get regular updates about minor issues of your washer and find how to deal with that and also receive notifications of more serious problems that need an engineer for service.

Smart Washer and dryers come with Smart functions that make your laundry painless. All in one Smart washer’s Special features and functions:

  • Smart Remote Control with your smartphone app
  • Download cycle
  • Get Smart Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Notifications
  • Auto-Dosing
  • Automatic detergent feed
  • Load Sensor
  • Star Delay Feature
  • Wash your forgotten laundry
  • Shorten your laundry time

Enjoy your freed-up time and control laundry simultaneously with Smart Washer and Dryer!!

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