Keep your washer fresh and cool with Self-Clean Cycle

Washing clothes have become easy as the Washing machines came into our lives, but what about cleaning the Washer tub itself?? Hard task right?!! Some of you might have a question now, “why should we clean the washer tub?” Wait you’ll get to know!!

Do your clothes stink even after wash?? I think now you got the answer. Yeah, it is due to the soap residue, chemicals, and minerals from your detergent that might have been locked inside your washing machine. They create a thin film that traps bacteria, they have the capability to clog the inner mechanisms which would end up as trouble for your washing routine.

It is mandatory to wash your Washing Machine once a month with hot water without clothes or detergent in your machine. The cleaning process is not as easy as pie! It is literally too hard to clean the seal, trap, inner sides, and blah blahs… As a result of advancement in washing appliances, now you can save your time and relax with Self Clean Cycle Feature.

Self-clean is also called as Pure Cycle and Self Clean Plus. It is a special cycle that prevents mildew and is particularly designed to clean the areas of washing tub where moisture and detergent lather may accumulate.

How simple is that?                                                                                                   

Self-Cleaning Cycle is easy breezy!! You’ll be able to wash your laundry washer tub with 3 Clicks.


  • Turn On the POWER button
  • Click the SELF CLEAN option button
  • Press the Pause/Start button and your Self-clean function start.

Before that be sure that your washer tub is empty!!

How often you can do?

No need to clean each and every week, the self-clean feature is recommended after 20 washes for a top load washer and after 40 washes for your front load washer. If residue or lather appears during a self-clean cycle, then you can run another self-clean cycle afterward.

After each cycle of washing, if the self-clean or pure clean cycle indicator is blinking and your panel is still on, then it is a reminder for you, indicating that it’s been a while and you’re supposed to run the self-clean cycle again. Keep one more thing in mind when you run this mode! Don’t let it to its own devices. Better add a cup of bleach to your detergent cup before starting the cycle.

No more stinky clothes, keep your washer fresh and cool with Self-Clean Cycle!!

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