Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine

Let your clothes stay happy with Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

Usually, we are satisfied with the result of the washing machine that we already have at home. But technological advancement does not stand still! Washing Machine Manufacturers are coming up with new ideas and methods of washing that make our washing process quick, simple and more effective than before.

Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine, a revolution in the laundry field makes your washing cool and also reduces energy consumption.

The Washer is inspired by historical washing practices. People used to create a large amount of soapy foams for their laundry day, which helps the detergent to penetrate easily and get absorbed deeply. Samsung adapted the traditional wisdom in this bubble based washing system.

The Eco Bubble technology cleans your clothes by using air and water mixing with detergent by bubble generator to remove dirt and stains from your fabric. This reduces the surface tension of water and allows it to mix easily with detergent and form powerful soap bubbles that penetrate 40 times faster and deeper and expel it from contamination. Dirt is removed without damaging the water-repelling qualities of the fabric.

Wash smart and save energy because the Eco bubble with power foam technology washes using 30% of the energy and bubbles do the rest. The washer allows you to remove dirt and stains even at low temperatures with great effectiveness. As a result, the laundry cycle is done with less power and time consumption than any other washers.

What are the positive features of the new Eco Bubble Washer?

  • Great energy saving
  • High performance
  • Effective stain removal
  • Low consumption of washing Powder
  • 12 Kg super capacity
  • Delicate wash
  • Less Fabric Damage
  • Fabric Care
  • Peaceful operation
  • Preserve color saturation
  • Express Washing

Wash away your washing troubles with some bubbles! Get your own Samsung Eco Bubble Technology Washers with powerful bubble action and outstanding performance that keep your clothes fresh!

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