Samsung Flex washers and Flex Dryers

Samsung FlexWash Washing Machine is going to be your best buy!

As the appliance manufacturers focus on making washers with large capacities that suit the growing family needs, they tend to forget the basic thing.

Isn’t that Unfair?? Remember all your clothes are not the same, it might need a different treatment… Samsung has got a solution to its new SAMSUNG Flex Wash Washing Machines.

Flex Wash?? What is that?

These Washers offers the ultimate washing flexibility, with 2 individually controlled washer in the same washing machine. You can wash different types of laundry simultaneously.

The Flex Wash Washing Machines helps you with 12 cycle wash setting in the lower washer and 4 cycle settings in the upper washer. You can add fabric softener and bleach to both the washer tubs. The lower washer is the one with an energy star rating. Samsung Flex Wash is compatible with Smart Home App.

The top-loading washer lets you wash your small loads conveniently. The flex washer can be paired with Flex dryer, these dryers are similar to flex washer.

What is Flex Dry?

One Machine and Two dryers! Yes, now you can dry your delicate and daily use laundries in the delicate dryer whereas the upper delicate dryer helps you to dry items flat preventing from shrinks and damage.

Flex Dry’s upper dryer is an innovative design specifically made to handle the most delicate and soft items. It provides a powerful option in steam control that helps you in removing odors and wrinkles.

You can stay connected through Wi-Fi and monitor the remaining time of the washing and drying cycle! It also gives you an alert when the cycle is completed! You can schedule the washing and drying cycles using your smartphone from anywhere!!

The complete pair of Flex dry and Flex Wash is equal to a boon in your busy schedule.

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