Steam washers and dryers

Deep and Hygienic clean with STEAM WASH and DRY

If you have any forethought to buy a new washing machine or plan to upgrade? Recently, you might have noticed some new models with “Steam wash.” Is that worth buying? Let’s see…

There are several washing machine features for you to contemplate. One aspect that is drawing a lot of attention recently is the steam wash and dry. Washing Machines with Steam Wash feature doesn’t just clean the clothes, the steam function helps in taking care of wrinkles, killing bacteria and reduce allergens.

Steam wash is a perfect partner in grime, most washer with steam utilize a combo of steam and water in diverse cycles of washing. It also does many good things for your laundry and preserve the life of your favorite clothing.

For people likely to have very dirty clothing or in need of very clean clothing, the Steam washer is a great option. These Steam washing machines consume less water and less power than any other conventional models.

There are different advantages steam washers could offer when applied in 3 different stages of the washing cycle,

Pre-wash phase

The steam works with the water loaded into the washtub, it helps in soaking the fabric more thoroughly.

Washing phase

The steam gradually increase the temperature of the water in the washtub that makes the wash more efficient, which also help in activating the detergent. It does that by dissolving the detergent effectively.

Post-wash phase

During the rinse cycle, the steam would sterilize the clothes. It also softens and remove hard wrinkles that formed when the clothes are tossed in the washtub.

Steam offers similar benefits in drying clothes. It penetrates and moistens your clothes deeply that has a softening effect which reduces wrinkles and eliminates odor. Running steam dryer could soften and de-wrinkle your dried clothes. Give a makeover to your favorite clothes with a steam dryer.

Invest in steam washer and dryer to live a germ-free laundry and a healthier life!!

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