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5 Best Washing machines to buy in 2020

Getting done with your laundry is no longer a tough and time-consuming chore at it use to be in the past. All thanks to new-age washing machines that are built-up with advanced technology. Never ever dreamt that new technological methods of washing machines in 2020 would make our lives lead so easier.

As different washing machines models are featured with different advanced technologies, choosing a washing machine for your family could a tough task. Fortunately, we have made it easy for you.

In this washing machine buyer’s guide, you can make a quick decision on purchasing as we have surveyed a lot and listed out the best washing machines for 2020.

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List of top 5 best washing machines in 2020:

1. LG 7Kg Front Loading WM – Luxury Silver (FHT1007SNL)

The LG FHT1007SNL washing machine has a 6 Motion Direct Drive technology which moves the wash drum in order to provide even wash to all the clothes. Inverter Direct Drive Technology
that powers washing machine is super reliable and really quiet.

The machine provides extra care for delicate clothes by sterilizing bacteria and removing pollen allergens from your clothes.


Brand – LG
Model – FHT1007SNL
Type – Fully-automatic
Capacity – 7Kg
Max spin speed – 1000 rpm
Load: Front load

2. Samsung 6.2Kg Washing Machine (WA62M4200HA)

Its diamond drum feature treat your clothes very soft with a unique “soft curl” design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges. It offers powerful filtration and easy cleaning with its magic filter technology.

Its Eco Tub Clean course notify you automatically when it needs cleaning.


Brand – Samsung
Model – WA62M4200HA
Type – Fully-automatic
Capacity – 6.2 Kg
Load – Top load
Max spin speed – 680 RPM
Wash programs – 7

3. Bosch 7 Kg Washing Machine (WOE702W0IN)

Bosch 7 Kg washing machine is specifically designed to provide extra care for the clothes that you wear. The one-touch start will automatically select the entire program for the laundry load.

Bosch provides a soft, cold and warm water wash option to suit the type of fabric you have put in. Our wash programs include Daily Wash, Quick Wash, Bedsheets, Delicates, Dynamic Soak, Jeans, Hygienic Wash, and Tub Clean that satisfies any wash type.


Brand – Bosch
Model – WOE702W0IN
Type – Fully-automatic
Capacity – 7 Kg
Load – Top load
Max spin speed – 680 RPM

4. IFB 8 Kg Washing Machine (SENATORWXS8KG3)

To deliver the best washing experience, IFB 8 kg front loading fully-automatic washing machine comes up with fantastic wash control options. It has a wash capacity of 8 kg which is ideal for a family of 5 members.

The best part is that there is a unique feature called the ‘wash care program’ that can be chosen for each type of fabric you put in. This front-loading washing machine possesses an Air Bubble Wash system to ensure a thorough cleaning job.


Brand – IFB
Type: Fully-automatic
Load: Front-loading
Capacity: 8 Kg
Max spin speed: 1400 RPM
Power Consumption: 2250 W

5. Whirlpool 6.5Kg Washing Machine (360BWULTRA (SC) 6.5 GRAPHITE)

Get home this 6.5 kg Whirlpool Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine and say goodbye to your laundry issues permanently. It has the capability of removing 25 tough stains.

Its 6th SENSE UltraClean technology removes 99.9% germs and allergens by making detergent penetrate deeper.


Brand – Whirlpool
Model – 360BWULTRA (SC) 6.5 GRAPHITE
Wash capacity – 6.5 Kg
Load – Front load
Type – Top-automatic
Maximum spin speed – 740 RPM
Wash programs – 12

Well, here comes an end for your struggling in choosing the best washing machine for your family needs. Now that you are aware of the things that have to be considered in buying a washing machine, make the right choice in getting one.

Order the top-branded washing machine at your nearest washing machine showroom online available at the best price range.

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