Washing machine FAQs

Washing Machine FAQs – 10 Questions Answered

Washing machine purchase is not as easy as you make a purchase of your daily groceries. It’s a daunting task that involves in-depth research. Multiple questions run in your mind as you are not aware of those technologies. You might ask your friends, neighbors, relatives, etc to make sure you buy the best washing machine. […]

Washing machine tips

Important Tips and Tricks when using a washing machine

All you want out of your washing machine is spotless clothes. It’s a major one that all of us wish for. Including this, we also want our clothes not to get damaged, the color of the fabric to have remained the same, etc. Right?  For this to happen each time you make use of the […]

Prevent clothes from tangling in washing machine

How to prevent clothes from tangling in a washing machine?

How many of you are still facing a burden in dealing with your bundle of unwashed clothes? It’s 2020 guys! The pace of technology has a huge impact on making washing machine usage easier in reducing your daily burden. The number of branded washing machines of 2020 with advanced technology has now made one of […]