How to clean Washing Machine effectively?

How and why should you clean your Washing Machine?

Cleaning and maintaining your washing machine makes it last longer and helps in laundry effectively!

If you leave your washing machine without cleaning after months of usage, your clothes will start to stink. Ever wondered why? 

Well, the reason is…. you might have left your washing machine uncleaned after so many laundry washes.

Remember, your washing machine also needs care and cleaning once in a month!

How to clean Washing Machine effectively?

Just remember 4 Steps while cleaning,

  • Take out the clothes promptly
  • Remove any pet hair or debris
  • Clean the Machine
  • Do not forget to wipe and dry the rubber steal

Front Load Washing Machine Cleaning Tips:

If it is a front load washing machine, follow the upcoming steps of cleaning.

  • Run an empty washing machine with a hot cycle – Removes any built up detergent.
  • Wash with a washing machine cleaner on 40 degree wash – Helps to get rid of odors.
  • Remove your detergent drawer, soak it in a sink or bowl. If it is very dirty, add bleach in hot water and soak.
  • Damp a cloth in hot water and wipe the machine and door.
  • Pull the rubber steel back of the door to get all the scum from underneath.
  • Wipe inside the whole nearby dispenser drawer
  • Remove residues left over in the drawer with the toothbrush before placing it in the machine.

Top Load Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

If it is a front load washing machine, follow the upcoming steps of cleaning.

  • Like in front load washing machine, Run empty washing machine with hot cycle to remove any built up detergent
  • Go for a second hot wash with washing machine cleaner. It helps you to get rid of mildew!
  • Let your washer to swish for 30 seconds and leave it to stand for half an hour to one hour.
  • Now, restart and finish the cycle. Turn off the machine!
  • Wipe with a cloth damped in hot water to clean the rim of the tub and inside the drum.

Things to do for preventing your washing machine from mildew and odor

Along with monthly cleaning, create a habit of keeping the machine door ajar. This helps in air circulation and dries out remaining moisture.

Tips to extend the life of your washing machine

5 precious easy tips to follow for a longer-lasting washing machine

1.       Empty the pockets of clothes, close zips and attach hooks

2.       Clean your washing machine lint filter regularly

3.       Perform a washing machine maintenance wash every couple of months

4.       Don’t overload your washing machine

5.       Don’t use too much of detergent

Hope all our tips will be useful for you! 

For more interesting Washing machine care tips and reviews stay-tuned with us! 

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