LG ThinQ Washing Machine

Make laundry much more convenient with LG ThinQ® with Wi-Fi

LG Electronics has consistently acted as the leading player in providing quality technology for household use. The company has introduced its most-recent and best washing machines with ThinQ technology, one that involves the use of Wi-Fi in its operations. Let’s dig deeper to unfold a useful washing machine buying guide:

Machine Overview & Benefits 

This technology has been built by incorporating the expertise of Artificial Intelligence. The fully-automatic models have been launched as a Front-Load exclusive variant in the Indian markets. Built on the foundation to aid consumers to save time and energy into doing laundry, the machines have the following features:

LG ThinQ Washing Machine Online
LG ThinQ Washing Machine Online

1. Wi-Fi

When the machine is registered as a product on a smartphone (Android or iOS), it is possible to carry out laundry from anywhere and anytime as per one’s convenience. Requirements include the need to download the LG Smart ThinQ application and having a strong Wi-Fi connection. Even though each product has its separate manual, an introductory video is available to gain insights into this time-saving technology. 

2. Smart Diagnosis System 

Isn’t it frustrating to spend hours on customer service calls to get help when the machine wears down? Now, with the Smart Diagnosis, this worry remains no-more! The system prepares a detailed report on the various parameters involved during a wash. Moreover, it automatically detects a problem, which can be instantly solved with the effort of one phone-call. 

3. Spa Steam Technology

A common complaint often observed is the fact that the quality of clothes deteriorates with each additional wash. However, this model breaks the stereotype by sterilizing bacteria-infected areas and improving the quality of cloth by removing 99.9% stains and allergens. 

4. Capacity 

Save the effort to conduct multiple wash-runs by choosing the machine that best serves your requirements & budget: capacities range from 7-9Kg, with the additional benefit of saving 20 minutes/wash with LG’s inbuilt TurboWash Technology. 

5. Pollution-friendly 

The motor used to wash clothes is designed in a manner that ensures less vibration, and in turn, less noise emission. This is particularly beneficial for families having young children, elderly, and/or for the ones working-from-home. Plus, a guaranteed 10-year warranty on the motor. Now isn’t this a win-win solution for all? 

LG ThinQ Washing Machine Features

Reviewing budget-friendliness 

The washing machine buying tips, as listed above, forms a part of the LG offerings. There are additional benefits entailed upon the use of the product: 

  1. Complete full-touch control on an elegant design.
  2. Baby Care, Pre-Wash, 6-Motion Wash, and Download Cycle [up to 20 wash programs] available.
  3. Easy Dispense system – add detergent, fabric softener, and bleach at the start of each wash. As the process continues, the machine automatically releases each chemical at the necessary time.

To facilitate the shopping experience, retailers have updated their websites for consumers to buy washing machines online. Additionally, people can opt to either buy LG washing machines online or by visiting washing machine showrooms. Starting from Rs 35,000, a fully-loaded LG washing machine’s price rests at Rs 57,000; terms and conditions applied. 

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