Easy Laundry Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Easy Laundry Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Clothes cost a lot of money and everyone wants them to last as long as possible. There are many things that you can do to keep your cherished clothing looking new and fresh.

To help you care for your clothes and make them last longer and fresh, we’ve made a list of easy and simple laundry tips to keep your clothes like new ones.

Wash Less

This may sound counter- intuitive. But, think about what your dress goes through every time you wash it! Get out of the habit of washing your garments after wearing them just once. Washing and drying your clothes often cause damage, fading, shrinking and a lot. Wear your clothes 3 times before it hits the laundry. A quick sniff test and checking for any stains will let you know if your clothes really need a wash.

Use a mesh bag for Delicates

Delicate Clothes and undergarments need special care when washing as they have high risk of shrinking, tearing and stretching. Invest in a few delicate bags that helps you to preserve the lifespan of your delicate garments.

Always Close Zippers

Zippers, Buttons and Bra Hooks can be destructive and cause damage to other clothing in the wash. Always button the pants, zip the hoodies and hook before starting a new load. Turning your Clothes inside out protects your zipper’s integrity and also lessens fading.

Give attention to Clothing Care Label

The washing and Drying should be according to the material of your garment. Different fabrics may require different care. Follow the Care Label instructions.  Know your Iron from the care label and follow it.

Choose the right Hanger and Proper Storage is everything

Get wooden or padded hangers to boost the longevity of your clothes. Other hangers may cause stretching and hanger marks on the shoulders.

Remember that all your clothes are not supposed to be folded and not every piece should be hanged.

  • Knit and stretchy materials should be folded.
  • Dress clothes should be on supportive hangers.
  • Don’t stuff clothes in closets or drawers; allow enough room to “breathe”.
  • Make sure storage space is dry, and rewash any clothes that smell of mildew.

Follow the above listed tips to make your clothes last long. Keep the points we’ve already told in best washing tips to make your life easier.

Have you got any new tricks to make your clothes last long? Let us know how in the comments below!

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