How to Select the Perfect Washer Cycle for your Clothes?

How to Select the Perfect Washer Cycle for your Clothes?

You may not know which fabrics should be washed on Which Washing cycle and setting. Stop throwing everything in and choosing a quick wash, hoping for the best! Read on to know how to choose the right Washer cycle for your laundry needs. Also know about the temperature and settings of your washing machine.

For every load of laundry, there are 3 main choices that has to be made before you start the washer:

  • Load Size
  • Water Temperature
  • Cycle Setting

The Choices you make helps in better cleanliness and longevity of your clothes.


Super Large, Large, Medium or Small Loads. What does they indicate? Once you buy washing machine online or from the nearest washing machine showroom, read the washer manual. It helps you to make choices about load size.

Here are the general rules about Choosing Load Size settings based on the level of Clothes in the drum.

  • Small Load – One Quarter Full of Clothes in Drum
  • Medium Load – One Half Full of Clothes in Drum
  • Large Load – Above One Half Full of Clothes in Drum
  • Super Large Load – At Full Capacity


As we have already told in our previous blogs, choosing the correct water temperature for each load will prevent clothes from stretching, shrinking or fading.

Remember these Tips:

Cold Water

Best for delicate fabrics, dark colors and any lightly soiled clothes like office wear. Cold water will not harm any of your washable fabric and saves on utility cost.

Warm Water

Best for Permanent press fabrics and Synthetics. Warm water can be chosen for any colored garments that are heavily soiled with stains or oil.

Hot Water

Best for bed sheets, Cotton fabrics which are worn or used close to the body like socks and undergarments. Hot water helps in removing stains from the heavily soiled jeans, kid’s play clothes and etc.

Here is your extra tip- The rinse cycle water temperature must always be cold. This will save your money and warmer temperature water is not needed for rinse cycles.

How to Choose the Perfect Wash Cycle
Choosing the Perfect Wash Cycle


Choosing the perfect wash cycle is important when it comes to Clothing Care. This is why following the care label is highly recommended. It shows which wash cycle is right for your garments.

COTTONS, SYNTHETICS, DELICATES, QUICK WASH are the most common washing cycle options in washing machines.

Wash Cycle: COTTONS

When to us it: To remove dirt and stains for durable fabric.

i.e. sheets, towels, whites, heavily-soiled items, cotton underwear and socks. 

How it cleans:

  • High agitation wash
  • High-speed spin cycle
  • Adjustable temperature

When to us it: Everyday washing for synthetic garments with medium soiling.

i.e. blended and synthetic fabrics, like polyester, jeans, and jumpers

How it cleans:

  • Medium agitation wash
  • Low-speed spin cycle
  • Warm-to-cool temperature

When to us it: Gentle cleaning for delicate items.

i.e. Lingerie, silk, wool, knits, and other delicate fabrics.

How it cleans:

  • Low agitation wash
  • Low-speed spin cycle
Wash Cycle: QUICK WASH

When to us it: Everyday washing that needs to be done quickly, with minimal soiling, but not for delicate garments.

How it cleans:

  • Shortened wash cycle
  • High-speed spin cycle
Wash Cycle: HAND WASH

When to us it: Gentle cleaning for very delicate, ‘hand wash only’ garments.

How it cleans:

  • Low speeds of agitation
  • Low-speed spins

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