Top Rated Budget Friendly Washing Machines of 2021

Top Rated Budget Friendly Washing Machines of 2021

Washing machines does more than washing your clothes. They also help you to save energy and maintain hygiene during colder seasons. Washing machines has become an important appliance in India. While buying washing machine, you have to consider factors like capacity, top load or front load, fully automatic or semi-automatic, technology used, size and much […]

Top washing machines of 2020

Top Washing Machines with Smart Control Apps and Features from leading brands

Do you feel washing your clothes manually with your hands is tiring and time-consuming? Yes, it is! You can now put all your burden aside and chill. That’s because you have got the best washing machines in 2020 that have come with smart control apps and features to make your busy life easier. It’s a […]

How to avoid clothes wrinkling in the Washer and Dryer?

How to avoid clothes wrinkling in the Washer and Dryer?

Looking for a way to escape from ironing? Wanna avoid clothes from wrinkling while washing? Well, you’re in the right place! This blog will explain how creases and wrinkles happen, and what you can do to prevent them. Washers move around clothes as they agitate and spin. During the spin cycle, clothes are pushed against […]

LG 6 motion washing machine

Complete Wash and Care with LG 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machines

Tired of washing clothes? Simply change the motions of LG’s 6 Motion direct drive washing machine with an optimal wash to make your Clothes Sparkle! As we have different desires and needs, every fabric has different washing needs! World’s first 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology is the next level care for your clothes. Get the […]

Steam washers and dryers

Deep and Hygienic clean with STEAM WASH and DRY

If you have any forethought to buy a new washing machine or plan to upgrade? Recently, you might have noticed some new models with “Steam wash.” Is that worth buying? Let’s see… There are several washing machine features for you to contemplate. One aspect that is drawing a lot of attention recently is the steam […]

Samsung Flex washers and Flex Dryers

Samsung FlexWash Washing Machine is going to be your best buy!

As the appliance manufacturers focus on making washers with large capacities that suit the growing family needs, they tend to forget the basic thing. Isn’t that Unfair?? Remember all your clothes are not the same, it might need a different treatment… Samsung has got a solution to its new SAMSUNG Flex Wash Washing Machines. Flex […]

Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine

Let your clothes stay happy with Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

Usually, we are satisfied with the result of the washing machine that we already have at home. But technological advancement does not stand still! Washing Machine Manufacturers are coming up with new ideas and methods of washing that make our washing process quick, simple and more effective than before. Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine, a […]

Keep your washer fresh and cool with Self-Clean Cycle

Washing clothes have become easy as the Washing machines came into our lives, but what about cleaning the Washer tub itself?? Hard task right?!! Some of you might have a question now, “why should we clean the washer tub?” Wait you’ll get to know!! Do your clothes stink even after wash?? I think now you […]

Smart washers and dryers

Have Fun and Get Messy because Smart Washing Machines are here to take care of it!

The Best idea of getting lucky is having someone else do the laundry right?!! Feel lucky for yourself with Smart Washers and dryers. Smart washing machines are innovative Appliances that cleverly connects to your Wi-Fi and let you control the washing cycle from anywhere through your phone. How cool is that!!? Technology is making your […]