Top 5 Whirlpool Fully Automatic Washing Machines to Buy Now

Top 5 Whirlpool Fully Automatic Washing Machine to Buy Now

Owing to their high efficiency nature, silent performance, effective cleaning and technological innovation, we can comfortably say that Whirlpool is the best washing machine brand to go for. Whirlpool washing machines are highly user friendly and technically advanced. Even water Consumption is on a lower side compared to other brands. When you want to buy […]

Best 3 Samsung Washing Machines for Large Families

Best 3 Samsung Washing Machines for Large Families

Planning to get a new Washing Machine for your home? Choosing a reliable brand washer with right capacity saves your time and money. Make Such Smart Choices with Samsung Washing machines. For peeps who belong to a large family….this is exclusively for you. Yeah we’re going to take a quick review on Perfect Washing machines […]

7 Kg washing machines

How Many Clothes Are Going To Fit In A 7 Kg Washing Machine? No Idea? Here’s Your Answer

Washing machines, today, have become a necessity. They are no longer considered luxury appliances, meant especially for the rich. So much so that there are literal shops that allow customers to wash scores of clothes. This means that washing machines have become so commonplace that there are actual shops that cater to the masses in […]

Best heavy load washing machines for blankets

Get the Best Washing for Your Blankets with Heavy Load Washing Machines

Winter is knocking on our doors, and we need to bring out those blankets stacked away in our cupboards!  What a huge task it will be washing these blankets, and how will we get it done? Well, one of the best things that must have happened to us in the name of the technology is […]

Best Washing machines for 4 people

Which is the best washing machine for a 4-member family?

Introduction Choosing a washing machine is one of the toughest decisions to take. With so many options available in the market, one may easily get overwhelmed by the specifications. Buy one with lower load capacity, and you have to run it multiple times. Buy one with a higher load capacity than you require, and you […]

Washing machines for large family

The best washing machines for large families as of 2019

Growing up in a large family is beneficial in many aspects. You will always find some or the other one to stand behind you either when you are right or wrong. They praise you when you are right. They warn you when you are wrong. Being a member of a large family not only has […]

Top 5 Washing Machines in India 2019

Washing machines have come a long way from being a luxury item to an essential home appliance. You might find this appliance almost in every household standing in a corner of the house. As washing machines are the must-haves in every house, you have to make wise decisions when investing in it. If you make […]

Top-load Vs. Front-load

Top-load or Front-load Washing Machine – Which is the best?

Deciding between top-load and front-load is the first step to buying a washing machine. It is not just about bending down to load your clothes or standing up and loading your clothes, as many sales executives will lead you to believe. Before buying a washing machine, I suggest doing some research into the actual distinction […]

washing machine buying tips

Things to be considered when buying a Washing Machine

With every new day comes new features in the gadget world which makes it only more difficult for us to choose from among them. Among the various range of washers available in market best washing machine brands in India are IFB, Bosch, LG, Haier, etc. A few major aspects we must consider are mentioned below.  […]