How to Select the Perfect Washer Cycle for your Clothes?

How to Select the Perfect Washer Cycle for your Clothes?

You may not know which fabrics should be washed on Which Washing cycle and setting. Stop throwing everything in and choosing a quick wash, hoping for the best! Read on to know how to choose the right Washer cycle for your laundry needs. Also know about the temperature and settings of your washing machine. For […]

Top washing machines of 2020

Top Washing Machines with Smart Control Apps and Features from leading brands

Do you feel washing your clothes manually with your hands is tiring and time-consuming? Yes, it is! You can now put all your burden aside and chill. That’s because you have got the best washing machines in 2020 that have come with smart control apps and features to make your busy life easier. It’s a […]

Top 5 Whirlpool Fully Automatic Washing Machines to Buy Now

Top 5 Whirlpool Fully Automatic Washing Machine to Buy Now

Owing to their high efficiency nature, silent performance, effective cleaning and technological innovation, we can comfortably say that Whirlpool is the best washing machine brand to go for. Whirlpool washing machines are highly user friendly and technically advanced. Even water Consumption is on a lower side compared to other brands. When you want to buy […]

Best 3 Samsung Washing Machines for Large Families

Best 3 Samsung Washing Machines for Large Families

Planning to get a new Washing Machine for your home? Choosing a reliable brand washer with right capacity saves your time and money. Make Such Smart Choices with Samsung Washing machines. For peeps who belong to a large family….this is exclusively for you. Yeah we’re going to take a quick review on Perfect Washing machines […]

LG 6 motion washing machine

Complete Wash and Care with LG 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machines

Tired of washing clothes? Simply change the motions of LG’s 6 Motion direct drive washing machine with an optimal wash to make your Clothes Sparkle! As we have different desires and needs, every fabric has different washing needs! World’s first 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology is the next level care for your clothes. Get the […]

Best Washing machines for 4 people

Which is the best washing machine for a 4-member family?

Introduction Choosing a washing machine is one of the toughest decisions to take. With so many options available in the market, one may easily get overwhelmed by the specifications. Buy one with lower load capacity, and you have to run it multiple times. Buy one with a higher load capacity than you require, and you […]

Fully-automatic washing machines

How Many Clothes One can Put in 8 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Washing machines of all shapes and sizes are available in the market, but you need to choose the right washing machine for you. You can decide on the most appropriate machine by keeping in mind certain factors like your household needs, price, size, drum capacity, etc. Further, you will also be required to decide whether […]

Fully-automatic washing machines for a family of 3

Best Fully-Automatic Washing-Machines For A 3-Member Family

Are you a working mother who has to finish the household chores, get your kid ready for school, and get to work on time? Or are you a housewife who has to get the house cleaned, get your kid ready, and see to it that your husband’s lunch is packed too? If you answered ‘YES’ […]