Top Rated Budget Friendly Washing Machines of 2021

Top Rated Budget Friendly Washing Machines of 2021

Washing machines does more than washing your clothes. They also help you to save energy and maintain hygiene during colder seasons. Washing machines has become an important appliance in India. While buying washing machine, you have to consider factors like capacity, top load or front load, fully automatic or semi-automatic, technology used, size and much […]

How to Select the Perfect Washer Cycle for your Clothes?

How to Select the Perfect Washer Cycle for your Clothes?

You may not know which fabrics should be washed on Which Washing cycle and setting. Stop throwing everything in and choosing a quick wash, hoping for the best! Read on to know how to choose the right Washer cycle for your laundry needs. Also know about the temperature and settings of your washing machine. For […]

Best Washing machines for 4 people

Which is the best washing machine for a 4-member family?

Introduction Choosing a washing machine is one of the toughest decisions to take. With so many options available in the market, one may easily get overwhelmed by the specifications. Buy one with lower load capacity, and you have to run it multiple times. Buy one with a higher load capacity than you require, and you […]

Top 5 Washing Machines in India 2019

Washing machines have come a long way from being a luxury item to an essential home appliance. You might find this appliance almost in every household standing in a corner of the house. As washing machines are the must-haves in every house, you have to make wise decisions when investing in it. If you make […]

Benefits of Semi-automatic Washing machine

Pros of Semi-automatic Washing Machines

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India refer to an automation device that is between handwashing and use of a fully automatic washing machine. There are a number of electronic companies that cater to the Semi-automatic Washing Machine 3+1 program of wash, spin, rinse and drying procedures. The best semi-automatic washing machines are on par with the […]

Fully-automatic vs. Semi-automatic

Differences between Semi-automatic & Fully-automatic Washing Machines

The washing machine, is by far, the primary electronic gadget that has given reprieve to working mothers, neo-moms and harassed home-makers! Needless to say, the consumer market is full of variants of this most sort after piece of convenience. If a washing machine is on the top of the to-buy list, then one has to […]