Latest Washing Features of Whirlpool Washing Machines

Latest Washing Features of Whirlpool Washing Machines

Washing machine technology is growing year by year. Whirlpool is one of the top Washing machine brands with many advanced Washing technologies and unique washing features. Latest Features and Technologies of Whirlpool Washing machines They have 3 Hot Water Modes – You can select 3 Different water temperatures. Warm, Hot and Allergen free modes. With […]

LG 6.5 Kg Top load washing machine

Experience the LG Hands-free wash with in-built Jet Spray+

Washing clothes is a daunting task. Especially if you are a working professional and belong to a large group family. Imagine you returning from the office and having a look at the fully loaded laundry basket. Oh gosh! It’s really a daunting task. Why not get the best washing machine for a large family? The […]

Best Washing machine for my home

How to buy a washing machine that fits your lifestyle?

Home-appliances are a bliss. In the present globalized scenario, nobody has the time to conduct house chores by themselves. We want fresh clothes for minimal effort. This is where the washing machine comes to the rescue. But how does one invest in the machine that rightly fits into our lifestyle? Let’s dig deeper into a […]